Would You Believe​?​?

by Manitoba Rock n Rolla

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released April 21, 2013



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Manitoba Rock n Rolla Kentucky

Not really Canadian. Not really rock. Manitoba Rock n Rolla is an alternative country/rock band hailing from Kentucky, USA. A mix of John Prine meets the Gin Blossoms, Manitoba Rock n Rolla currently have 4 EP's under their belt and will be a part of the soundtrack for the 2015 film "Four Color Eulogy. MRNR can be heard on WRFL, Lake 102.3, The Troubadour Show, EGHB Radio and More. ... more

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Track Name: Canticle
I was born on a Sunday, in 1983
Safeguarded, but with little aplomb, as simple as can be
Seems the older I get, the more I can see
I’m building something bigger; it’s not all about me
Though I may digress, this courage I divest
Take a look at my life, tell me what you see

On a dusty shelf, in the annals of time
Lies a book bound, in heartache and tears
It’s filled with every idle word, and every selfish verb
Derived only, from this heart of mine
Though I may digress, this courage I divest
Take a look at my life, tell me what you see

Step down from the pedestal, and stifle your words
You’re bound to what is, and not what you were
You show you’re in the game, by eyeing the curve
Knowing when to hit it hard, or when to bunt
Though I may digress, this courage I divest
Take a look at my life, tell me what you see
I guess we could do better, but we're probably doing worse
Just take a look in my eyes; now tell me what you see
Track Name: Sometimes
Take a good hard look at the things that shook you yesterday
Oh, didn't matter in the end you were only waltzing away
And please my darling just bear it in your mind
That all the things you said didn't come from books you read
you just couldn't handle it
It's mighty empty tonight around our table
I wish I could give you a call but I ain't able
Ain't it funny how it turns out sometimes?
It all boils down to happiness and from that there comes the tenderness
And I guess that's something I don't have
Track Name: Keeping the Faith
Worked hard all his life, just trying to make a name
Until age took him away
Spent most of his years, beloved and adored
But couldn't look his children in the eye
He wasn't blind, but he had lost sight
She worked two jobs, just trying to hold it down
Her life a worn out bitter tune
But she never lost focus, on the ones she adored
Though suffering, her life was restored
Of her, her children couldn't ask more
I guess that’s why they call it the rosary
Keep repeating it to yourself
Until you believe
That God can save man thus God can save me
Cause that’s what we've all grown to see
That’s what we've all grown to see
Do whispered prayers, in unknown tongues
Really fall on the ears of anyone?
Have we come so far, in the great mystery?
That we ourselves are now too blind to see?
What was planned for you and me?
I guess that’s why they call it irony
It seems like nothing pans out
Until your blood runs dry
And if you’re looking for, something more
That’s not what your life has implied
I guess nothing in this life is implied